Suge Knight says that he never thought that Keefe D would ever get arrested. As I previously reported, Keefe D was arrested and indicted for the 1996 murder of rapper Tupac Shakur.

In a phone interview with Suge Knight by TMZSuge makes it very clear that even though he is an eyewitness in the case, he will not be testifying against Keefe D.


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I wouldn’t wish somebody going to prison on my worst enemy

Although Suge is not testifying, he told TMZ exclusively on Monday that the cops and prosecutors are looking at the wrong person. Despite Keefe D’s many claims, Suge is adamant that Orlando Anderson, Keefe D’s nephew, wasn’t the shooter. Keefe D has done several interviews and even a tell-all memoir that details the night Tupac was killed. Keefe D has said many times, that it was his nephew that killed Tupac after he was jumped by Tupac and his crew inside the MGM casino.

Suge was in the car that night sitting alongside Tupac. Although he is an eyewitness to the shooting, he refuses to tell on anyone or say anything bad about Keefe D. There were 4 people in the white Cadillac that opened fire on Pac and Suge. Out of the 6 people involved, Suge and Keefe D remain the only 2 alive. Without Suge taking the stand to testify against Keefe D, do they really have much evidence?

Keefe D was arrested last week in Las Vegas after a grand jury indicted him.

Police believe that Keefe D was in on Tupac’s murder and supplied the gun used in the fatal shooting … which went down shortly after Tupac’s crew beat the crap out of Orlando inside the MGM Grand following a Mike Tyson fight.

Suge says he will never say who actually fired on him and Pac, but he is sure it wasn’t Keefe D or his nephew Orlando as mentioned before. In an interview with Art of Dialogue, Keefe D got upset when asked if Big Dre was who shot Tupac. Keefe D gets mad and refuses to answer the question out of fear of returning to jail.

Keefe D has been speaking on his involvement in Tupac’s murder for years. It is the main reason the investigation took a new turn. Suge knows who shot Tupac but refuses to say who, Keefe D says he gave the gun to his nephew to shoot Tupac, but Suge disagrees. Why would Keefe D implicate himself and blame his nephew if that wasn’t true?