Internet sensation turned Boxing Star Jake Paul has finally taken an L against Tommy Fury in an 8-round split decision in Saudi Arabia. These two have been trash talking for years and finally showed that it wasn’t all talk as the fight ran the 24 minute course. 26-year-old Jake and 23-year-old Tommy had their moments landing big shots throughout the fight.

Paul landed a jab that sent Fury slightly to the canvas in the 8th but Fury quickly recovered. Fury seem to be more aggressive and polished overall throwing 302 punches, with 88 landing. Paul threw 157 punches and landed 49. It was a split decision on the judge’s scorecards as one judge had Jake ahead by a point. The other two judges had Tommy winning.

The loss now brings Paul’s pro record to 6-1 and Fury’s to 9-0. Tommy stated post fight that he is now making his own legacy coming out of the shadow of his older brother, Heavyweight Champ #TysonFury. Paul stated that he will evoke his rematch and stated to not judge him by his wins but by his losses. Thoughts on this fight? Are you looking forward to Fury vs. Paul II? 👀🥊