MNPD Officers Rex Engelbert, a 4-year veteran, and Michael Collazo, a 9-year veteran, were part of a team of first responders to the Covenant campus Monday morning. They fired on the active shooter, who was killed. Their body camera footage can be seen below.

Active shooter Audrey Elizabeth Hale drove to Covenant Church/School in her Honda Fit Monday morning, parked, and shot her way into the building. She was armed with 2 assault-type guns and a 9-millimeter pistol.
Hale, 28, drove this Honda Fit to the Covenant Church/school campus and parked. MNPD detectives searched it and found additional material written by Hale.
Hale entered the Covenant building after shooting out the glass of these doors.
As officers responded to the Covenant campus, Hale fired on arriving police vehicles from a 2nd story window.
Hale fired a number of rounds inside the Covenant Church/School building. She was armed with these 3 guns and significant ammunition.
Six people were killed during this brutal attack. The children were identified by Nashville police as Evelyn Dieckhaus, Hallie Scruggs, and William Kinney, all 9 years old. Three adults were identified as Cynthia Peak, 61; Mike Hill, 61; and Katherine Koonce, 60, who was the head of the school. Peak was a substitute teacher and Hill was the custodian.