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Warner Records has signed 1501- Certified artist Erica Banks. The Dallas, TX native shared her great news via her Instagram.

With all of her social media buzz, Warner Records couldn’t resist the fast rapping, talented lyricist. As described on their website, Warner Records is a record label of iconic, culture-shaping music and entertainment. Built on irreverent ideas, creative risks, and life-changing hits. Created as a home for artist-established and emerging, mainstream and maverick, legends and legends-to-be. Ran by a fearless team of music obsessives.

With being fairly new to the music industry Erica, 22, has accomplished so much. In a recent interview on Tea With Tia, Erica opens up about her journey to success. Within a few years, she dropped four mixtapes, gained a lot of genuine fans from her freestyle videos, and was discovered and signed by Carl Crawford.

Credit: 1501-Certified Ent

Erica grew up in Dallas, TX but currently resides in Houston, TX. She started rapping in the 6th grade at the age of 12. She started off with poetry which later turned into rap. Erica mentioned that she always wanted to be a rapper growing up.

Erica started making a lot of videos and posting them on social media, which created a lot of buzz for her in high school. Erica graduated from Desoto High School in 2017 all while recording videos, writing poetry, and rapping. She then attended Texas A&M Commerce to study nursing. She thought she wanted to be a nurse because her dad was a nurse but later decided to pursue music full time.

“I always wanted to be a rapper. my parents would be embarassed to hear me say that. They would say “say you wanna be a doctor or something”.

She uploaded her first single “Talk My Shit” to SoundCloud in early 2018 and the follow-up single “No Hook” before releasing her debut mixtape ‘Art of the Hustle’ in 2019. She came back with mixtapes ‘Cocky on Purpose’ and ‘Pressure’ before releasing her 2020 self-titled project ‘Erica Banks’.

Erica describes her music as turn up music but also very versatile. She mentions her music can be rough, classy, or just plain nasty.

Credit: 1501-Certified Ent

Her ability to switch it up has gained the traction of her fanbase “The Bankheads”. She exclusively tells Tea With Tia that she never officially told anyone the name of her fanbase. I’m glad you said something!, she said during the interview. She mentions gaining a genuine fanbase is one of her proudest moments.

 “Everybody dosent have a geniune fanbase, and everybody cant build that themselves. so to know that mine is organic and it’s real and you know its all love, it’s just a big accomplishment to me.”


Erica says that now that her dreams are coming true, her parents joke about it now. Hard work pays off!! Carl discovered Erica on Instagram after she went live with him to get feedback on her music. Erica submitted her song ‘Buss It’ to Carl to review, who she later found out had already been watching her. He loved her music and within a week he reached out asking her to join the team. 1501-Certified Entertainment is the fastest-growing independent label in the country.

Erica’s 1st single ‘Buss It’ just recently hit 1 Million views.

Buss It has also earned itself a TikTok Challenge the #BussItChallenge

When asked how it was growing up in Dallas, Erica mentions that she had artists like Fat Pimp, Lil Ronny, Asian Doll, and Cuban Doll to gain inspiration from. “It’s cool to see people in my city go up, that really inspired me to see them do their thing, I fed off of that and did my own thing”, she explained.

Credit: 1501-Certified Ent

Hip Hop music has always been Erica’s number one influence. She is heavily inspired by Nicki Minaj, who recently followed her on Instagram.

She grew up listening to Young Money heavy. She has dreams of one day collaborating with Nicki Minaj and Producer Timbaland.

Erica Banks is a very talented versatile artist who is very humble. Her craft is literally speaking for itself. When Erica went viral on Twitter for her freestyle “Need It” she didn’t think it was going to blow up the way it did. She mentions that she was only posting to keep the content going, and it just worked out.

Erica is literally just getting started and she is killing the game as her single ‘Buss It’ rises on the iTune charts.

When asked what advice she would give to upcoming artist she said:

“Be consistent, be persistent, all you can do is keep putting out music, at some point someone is going to come across you or find you or something. as long aS you believe in it thats all it takes”.

“well it has to be good, let me say that”, she laughed.

This advice has helped Erica with her success. In 2021 Erica is going to be the one to watch. She tells Tea With Tia that fans can expect “new music, new visuals, big features and BIG things PERIOD”!

To catch the full interview of Erica Banks on Tea With Tia see the video below:

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