Tupac Shakur and Donald Trump. Mike Segar/Reuters; Mark Wilson/Getty
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Tupac’s family is not happy with Donald Trump after he left a ticket for Tupac at the VP presidential debate. Trump pulled this stunt as a jab at Kamala Harris.

During an interview, Kamala was asked who’s the best rapper alive? She responded with Tupac. She obviously missed the “alive” part, but she caught herself right after she said it.

Tupac’s family wants an apology from President Trump for using Tupac as a prop to mock Senator Kamala Harris. Tupac’s stepbrother Mopreme Shakur, told TMZ that it was “clearly disrespectful”.

Trump’s campaign team confirmed that the ticket left for Tupac at the VP presidential debate was a jab at Kamala. Mopreme is not shocked at all by Trump’s little stunt.

“We should know Trump’s lack of respect for the Black and brown community.”

Mopreme also told TMZ that he knows Trump won’t apologize for what he did, instead he asking for something much more important to him. He says Trump can make it up to his family by releasing his father, Tupac’s stepfather from prison.

His dad Mutulu, was sentenced to 60 years in 1988 for RICO conspiracy, armed bank robbery, and bank robbery killings. Mopreme says his father owned up to his crimes and advocated for good and anti-violence while in prison. Despite his efforts, he was denied parole 8 times.

We aren’t sure if Trump will respond but its always worth a shot. Mopreme said Kamala’s mistake just shows she has excellent taste in music, and it’s no surprise Tupac’s her fave because she’s from Oakland. He added, it’s all California love for Sen. Harris, and strongly encourages everyone to vote.

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