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Donald Trump shared a message today with the public about his experience with Covid-19. He claims that he feels much better than he did days ago. Trump stated that it was his idea to be given an experimental antibody treatment produced by Regeneron Pharmaceuticals.

“I think this was a blessing from God, that I caught it,” Trump said. “This was a blessing in disguise. I caught it, I heard about this drug, I said let me take it, it was my suggestion … And I think if I didn’t catch it, we’d be looking at that like a number of other drugs.”

Trump called the Regeneron treatment the ‘cure’ for COVID-19, although it hasn’t been approved by the FDA. “It was like, unbelievable,” he said. “I felt good immediately.”

The president added that…

“Hopefully this is going to be not just a therapeutic, it will be much more than a therapeutic, you’re gonna get better, you’re gonna get better fast, just like I did.”

He also claimed, “we’re going to work it so you’re going to get [the experimental drugs] and you’re gonna get them free.” 

President Trump spent three days at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center this weekend, where he received oxygen, steroids, as well as the experimental Regeneron treatment while in the care of world-class doctors. “We have the best doctors” he mentioned in the video. The president returned to the White House against the advice of the CDC.

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