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Former model Amy Dorris alleges that Trump forced his tongue down her throat and grabbed her private parts at the 1997 US Open tennis tournament.

Amy said the incident left her feeling “sick” and “violated”. According to an interview Amy did with the Guardian, she alleges that Trump grabbed her outside of the bathroom in his VIP box at the tournament in New York on September 5, 1997.

Amy, who was 24 at the time, continued by saying Trump was grabbing her all over her body and that she was unable to escape from him.

” I feel sick, violated” former model alleges sexual assault by Donald Trump- Video by The Guardian.

He just shoved his tongue down my throat and I was pushing him off. And then that’s when his grip became tighter and his hands were very gropey and all over my butt, my breast, my back, everything.

I was in his grip, and I couldn’t get out of it. I don’t know what you call that when you’re sticking your tongue just down someone’s throat. But I pushed it out with my teeth. I was pushing it. And I think I might have hurt his tongue.

According to Trump’s lawyers, Trump has denied these allegations. He states that in the strongest possible terms he has never harassed, abused, or behaved improperly towards Amy. 

Amy, who currently resides in Florida, says she has evidence that supports her encounter with Trump, including her ticket to the US Open. Trump was 51 at the time and married to his second wife, Marla Maples.

Dorris said she told several people about the incident when it happened but was afraid to speak out. Dorris, who is now 48 states that she did once consider publicly speaking out in 2016 when several other women accused Trump of similar assaults.

My twin girls are about to turn 13 years old and I want them to know that you don’t let anybody do anything to you that you don’t want. I’d rather be a role model. I want them to see that I didn’t stay quiet, and that I stood up to somebody who did something that was unnaceptable.

Amy was with her then-boyfriend Jason Binn. The couple stopped off at Trump’s apartment in Trump Tower on the way, where they posed for photographs with celebrities who were also visiting the real estate tycoon before attending the tennis, including the musicians Lenny Kravitz and Sean Combs, aka Puff Daddy.

Posing with Puff Daddy, left, and Lenny Kravitz, second right, at Trump Tower.
Amy Dorris sat between Donald Trump (Left) and Jason Binn (right) at the US Open in Queens NY 1997.

After the alleged assault, Dorris said Trump continued to pursue her, asking questions such as: “Could you see yourself living here?” She stated that she wore more conservative clothes to keep Trump off of her. “It didn’t matter that I changed my clothes, it was still the same situation,” she said. “I didn’t feel like myself that second day at all. It did feel like something was taken away.”

Later they were joined in Trump’s box by more VIP guests, including Leonardo DiCaprio and the illusionist David Blaine, with whom they posed for photographs. 

David Blaine, second right, and Leonardo DiCaprio, second left, in the box at the US Open.

Trump’s lawyers are concerned about Amy’s timing with releasing this information. They said it seemed incredible that Amy would voluntarily choose to be in the vicinity of Trump, at the US Open days after the alleged assault. They also mentioned that Binn also questioned the same thing.

They questioned why she never mentioned these allegations to the police or Trump. They feel as if her motives are politically motivated since its so close to the presidential campaign.  

Amy wants Trump to be held accountable. She says that she is sick of him getting away with this.

I’m tired of being quiet. It’s kind of cathartic. i just want to get this out. and i want people to know that this is the man, this is our president. this is the kind of thing he does and its unacceptable.

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