LAPD Opened Assault With Deadly Weapon Investigation After Tory Lanez Allegedly Shot Megan Thee Stallion

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The LAPD is taking a closer look at Tory Lanez after allegations came out that he shot rapper Megan Thee Stallion in the foot.

According to TMZ, detectives have now opened an assault with a deadly weapon investigation into what allegedly happened early Sunday morning shortly before cops pulled over Tory’s chauffeur-driven SUV in the Hollywood Hills.


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Footage shows the moment #ToryLanez and #MeganTheeStallion were pulled over. You can see Tory on the ground and Megan walking backwards from the car with bloody foot prints.

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Allegedly an argument happened between Tory and Megan in the SUV, and Tory shot her in the foot as she attempted to get out.


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According to #TMZ, #ToryLanez allegedly shot #MeganTheeStallion in the foot while she was trying to leave. ?? what kind of party were they having last weekend ???

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There were many rumors that circulated around the media about what happened that night. Megan took to her Instagram with a post to clear up the confusion.


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#MeganTheeStallion made a statement to clear rumors up regarding the night #ToryLanez was arrested

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It didn’t take long after her post for the news to spread and for everyone to look at Tory Lanez sideways. Megan’s producer and bodyguard both spoke out in their own way. 

Megan’s producer had a few words for Tory in his now posted and deleted tweet.

Megan’s bodyguard made it very clear that he was not there when everything happened. He also made it clear that she will never leave his sight again. 


We will continue to update this story as updates come in.

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