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According to Gossip In The City, Tekashi was hospitalized in Florida after he had way too much caffeine. The excessive amount of caffeine caused him to sweat excessively.

The Shaderoom confirmed with 69 that, taking 2 to 4 Hydroxycut pills a day is what caused his overdose. Hydroxycut is a drug used for weight loss. Wait, so is Tekashi trying to lose weight? Whew, chile.

Tekashi claims he has gained a lot of weight since he left prison, and that he was over 200 lbs at on point. He is down to 177 lbs and plans to keep at it until he is at 150 lbs. No wonder we haven’t seen him on Instagram lately, he is trying to lose weight before posting again. I guess that makes sense.

Tekashi 69told TSR that he was only taking Hydroxycut and not any other drugs. If he takes any drugs it will be in direct violation of his probation.

We will update you as more information becomes available. 


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