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#hothearsandheards Whether you’re hearing it for the first time, or you’ve already heard it, #teawithtiamusic is keeping you in the loop with exclusive listens and just plain olé good music 🎶 
Check out the musical picks of the week!

First Love x Fatt Sosa

Fatt Sosa takes a sweet, yet savage approach on First Love. This is what it sounds like when a thug falls in love, a hood love story. He questions his lover’s loyalty “you gone hold down a thug, sell all my drugs, and count all my racks for me?”, ensuring that if he’s taken care of, then it will definitely be reciprocated. Fatt Sosa is loving on his trap girl and showing that thugs need love too. Instagram:@fattsosa

Jewels x Toxic Tendencies

Jewels sings beautifully with melancholic tones and leaves her heart on the track. Her pen and pain shine through like we are in her private journal. Toxic Tendencies speaks on wanting to be everything to someone who’s not recognizing what they have in front of them “I wanna be your girl, but it feel like you playing me. Loving your vibes, addicting toxic tendencies.” Instagram: @jew.els

Defacto Thezpian x Gotti Interlude

I am borderline obsessed with the mind of Defacto Thezpian because what lives in this guy’s brain?! This video is comedic, cool, and creative. Defacto pays homage to cougars and MILFs in this interlude with stuffed animals and melanated ladies. Take the time to research his music catalog. You won’t be disappointed by the wordplay and visuals. Instagram:@schnozgod

Janelle Sy’mone x Got You 

Miss Ma’am Janelle! You go, girl! This song is vibrant and lively, you can’t help but feel good! The horns instantly transport you to the dance floor in the arms of your lover, feeling a little tipsy, but in such good company. As long as we got you Janelle Sy’mone, we got some good music on our hands. Instagram: @therealjanellesymone

Ari Quinn x Dinero

Just recently signed to 4 Phones Ent., Ari Quinn gives us hood Havana horns and some nasty spanglish! Deniro is the anthem of every summer! It’s timeless, saucy, and just overall good vibes. For the video, Ari gathers her crew to party while living fast and furious. This song would fit flawlessly on a Need for Speed video game playlist. Cameo appearance featuring @djrnb. Instagram: @_ariquinn

Thuy x Chances feat. DCMBR

Thuy has an angelic voice that allows her to emote her pain through her passion. Collaborating with r&b artist DCMBR, she sings of relatable situationships that can drive someone crazy, not knowing which way the relationship can go. This song gets many chances and replays. Instagram: @thuymusic

Good & Plenty x Alex Isley feat. Masego & Jack Dine

Alex Isley seranades us on this tantric track, giving of herself, her vocals, and her artistry. She then, has the nerve to have thee Masego bless us with his cool cadence. Produced by Jack Dine, Good and Plenty fills us up and still leaving us wanting more. Issa whole mood. Instagram: @lovealexisley.

Digital Monx x TINANANAY feat. Eden Derso
How I stumbled across Digital Monx, I do not know but that’s the cool thing about music, it finds you. Digital Monx is producer group in ISRAEL and they pair up with awesome creatives to bring us goodies such as TINANANAY! Tinananay gives us pumping trumpets, banging drums, and eclectic visuals. Eden Derso is an Ethopian-Israeli rapper who creates music that breaks language barriers. I can’t wait for her to cross over! Instagram:@digitalmonx

Trie CartierSPIRITS feat. Dope Sutton 

Trie Cartier takes us to trap church! Using the double entendre, he speaks about the battles between right and wrong and how he copes. “Soak my sin up with this bottle, please forgive me I been trying.” Adding a saucy feature from Dope Sutton, SPIRITS is a righteous bop that shows crafty wordplay and fun visuals. Instagram: @triecartier

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