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Heyyyyy #TeaParty!

Here are two new tunes for this Tuesday!

#hothearsandheards Whether you’re hearing it for the first time, or you’ve already heard it, #teawithtiamusic is keeping you in the loop with exclusive listens and just plain olĂ© good music 🎶


I LOVE THIS SONG! It’s been on replay all day! My only criticism about this song is…it is too short and I want more! I get hypnotized under A’lex’s effortless vocals over the acoustic guitar flick, then a sexy light trap beat comes in to take it to the next level. I also love the “girl power” that is displayed in the lyrics. She definitely takes control of the situation, while telling whoever to “Hit me when you wanna link with me, I know lots of time I be busy” making it clear that she’s not one to sit and wait around!
Instagram: @alexkennedymusic


This bop by TiaCorine is definitely a “HEARD” with nearly 300,000 views on Youtube! It is an entire vibe! It’s so catchy, colorful, and fun. You’ll definitely find yourself dancing and randomly saying the lyrics out of nowhere. The video holds your attention and keeps you hitting the replay button. I love everything about this! This is just one of many. You shall see her on my list again very soon.

Stay “tuned” for more music magic 🪄!

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