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Democratic Vice President nominee Kamala Harris was welcomed by Shaw University’s marching band, drumline and cheerleaders as she visited their campus on Monday.


Shaw University was the first of multiple stops in Wake County for Sen. Harris, which she recognized as one of the United States’ first Black landmarks of higher education in the post-Civil War era.

Kamala Harris’s speech took place in Estey Hall, which was the nation’s first university building built to educate black women.

During her Raleigh appearance, Harris talked about several subjects including the Supreme Court, what’s at stake in the 2020 United States Presidential Election, and the Affordable Care Act, in which she claimed President Donald Trump’s intention to overturn was based on feelings toward former President Barack Obama.

“Getting rid of the Affordable Care Act will take us backward to a time where you could charge a woman more for her health care than you can charge a man just because she’s a woman. Getting rid of the Affordable Care Act will take us backward to a time when pregnancy could be considered a pre-existing condition. This relentless obsession with over turning the Affordable Care Act is driven entirely by a blind rage toward President Obama.”



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