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In April Brad Terrence Jordan better known as rapper Scarface, announced that he suffered kidney failure as a result of his battle with COVID-19. He is now in search of a kidney donor. 

According to Complex,

“I fought COVID double bilateral pneumonia—both lungs—and kidney failure in my house,” he said. “I went back to the hospital. I just got out of the hospital [on April 20] … I gotta change my entire diet, I gotta do dialysis four days a week, three hours a day. That’s taking all my blood out, cleaning it and putting it back in my body.”

After being diagnosed with Covid-19, Scarface said his kidney’s never recovered. 

“COVID attacked my lungs first, and then it attacked my kidneys and knocked them out,” he said. “I got full lung recovery, but my kidneys never came back … I’m still a little weak. I don’t have a lot of strength in my legs yet. I still haven’t got full taste back and sense of smell yet. But I am glad to be alive.”

Scarface took to Twitter to ask his fans for help. 

If you would like to assist Scarface, send him a message via social media. 

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