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Rotten Tomatoes is known as the world’s most trusted recommendation resources for quality entertainment. As the leading online aggregator of movie and TV show reviews from critics, they provide fans with a comprehensive guide to what’s fresh and what’s Rotten in theaters and at home.

Although Rotten Tomatoes is widely known for its critics, this Black History Month they are giving us something a little different. The company is honoring Black filmmakers and performers that have made a mark in the film industry throughout the years.

What films should you watch?

If you’re anything like me, you need a list of films that are recommended to you. As apart of their initiatives Rotten Tomato has orchestrated a list that outlines 40 Films That Celebrate Black Joy15 Up and Coming Black Directors, and 20 Under-the-Radar Black Movies to Watch Now.

In addition to those lists, together as a team Rotten Tomatoes also put together a very impressive list ranking the Best Black Movies of the 21st Century and Important Films About the Black Experience, as the last year has created some incredible additions to both lists. DJ Spooky contributed with his analysis of Black cinema list: History of Race Films.

For the remainder of the month, Rotten Tomatoes will keep Black excellence alive. They will continue to celebrate Black History Month by including a Black TV Binge Guide and a special Rotten Tomatoes is Wrong podcast episode about the critically Rotten but beloved by audiences film, Blade.

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