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Say what now? Yes, you read that right, a Raleigh woman is furious with Raleigh Police Department and her apartment complex for the way they handled her break-in situation. Her intruders were questioned over and over while being allowed to remain inside her home.

“This is what WHITE PRIVILEGE looks like”, says Shanay Porter.

30-year-old Shanay Porter explains in her lengthy Facebook post her nightmare that took place on Tuesday, February 2nd. Porter explains in her post that she walked into her home at Clairmont at Brier Creek of 7651 Brier Creek Pkwy, Raleigh, NC 27617, and to her surprise found 2 white men sitting on her couch eating her food. Porter, who stayed with her sister the night before says “thank God” she was not home during the time of the break-in.

“I went and stayed the night at my sister house and came back to my house at noon so i could get ready for work”

Apparently, the 2 men made themselves right at home. According to the post, the men not only ate her food but cooked, slept in the bed, changed into her boyfriend’s clothes, and took showers. They were making themselves totally at home. Of course, Porter called Raleigh Police and she was shocked at how they responded.

“To have to call RPD for me to be questioned and treated like shit!!! These men were questioned while sitting on my couch telling the officer that was their apartment and i was lyin i could not believe what waS going on..”, she explained

Officer Spears questioning the suspect inside of Shanay Porter apartment

In the video on the post, you can see 2 Raleigh Police officers enter the apartment and ask the intruders what is their apartment number. Unable to give a straight-forward answer you can hear one of the men ask the other “what is our apartment number”. Obviously upset with what she is seeing, Porter can be heard yelling “arrest them now”.

See the video below.

“We all know if it was a white woman who had called about 2 black men being in her apartment this would have not ended like this”, she continued.

Honestly with the way things have been going I am inclined to agree. Why is it that these men were allowed to remain inside on HER couch and be questioned as if the victim was lying about her apartment? The officers didn’t ask for an ID of the intruders at all, nor did they ask for her ID.

When I caught up with Shanay Porter she told me that Officer Spear did not collect any evidence and even told her to kick the intruder’s clothes outside because he was not touching them. The way the entire situation was handled was disturbing.

“All they gave me was a business card and told me to call if i find anything missing”, she said.

To add insult to injury Porter states in her post that the property manager Pamela Norris was not very pleasant with her in regards to this situation. Porter tells Tea With Tia that the apartment complex is not accomodating her and want her to re-apply in order to be moved to another apartment. The only accommodation they are offering to her is to waive the transfer fee. According to Porter, the regional director is there speaking with her today (February 4th) making her jump through loopholes to get into another apartment.

“For me to go to my leasing office to be questioned by the property manager asking how do i know they broke in, instead of trying to help”.

I’m sorry mam but what? What do you mean how does she know they broke in, how about because it’s her apartment and she obviously didn’t welcome them inside. Porter who obviously no longer feels safe in her apartment says she was not offered an option to transfer to another apartment but was asked when could she move out. She says the property manager was rude to her. I contacted Pamela at Clairmont Brier Creek and she was not directly available for comments.

The same 2 men were spotted the night before breaking into Porter’s apartment snooping around Clairmont at Brier Creek checking doors (see video below). It looks like Clairmont at Brier Creek has a major safety issue on its hands. This is not acceptable and should be addressed immediately.

“I feel scared I feel helpless i just want to have a place to go and i was okay with just switching apartments but now I just want to move somewhere completely”, she explained.

“I still don’t feel safe no matter where I go, I just wish rpd and my complex would have helped me more and not treated me like they were the victims. I called them for help and the only help and support i have been getting is from fb”, she added.

Porter is currently looking for a lawyer in the area to assist her with this incident.

45-year old Brian Micah and 35-year old Charles Jeffery were both booked on February 2 for breaking and entering.

Brian Micah
Charles Jeffery


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