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According to Quando Rondo’s camp, he did not come looking for trouble the night 26-year-old Chicago rapper King Von was killed outside of an Atlanta Hookah Lounge.


Sources close to Quando Rondo told TMZ that King Von was the aggressor the night he was killed. According to the source, Quando was sleeping in a car outside of the club when he woke up and saw King Von’s crew. King Von then allegedly approached Quando and his crew and things got heated before Von threw the first punch.

Two different video angles of the shooting was uploaded to social media. 

The footage shows King Von throwing punches at Rondo’s crew, and they claim they were just defending themselves when the shooting happened. Supposedly, Quando didn’t know what was going on and believed his life was in danger.


It was reported that off duty police officers also opened fire, but Von was killed by a member of Quando Rondo’s team.

The police arrested 22-year-old Timothy Leeks and charged him with murder in Von’s death, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Quando Rondo is not under investigation for Von’s murder and this case is considered closed.

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