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Public Safety Director Ned Pettus Jr. has decided to terminate police officer Adam Coy after Coy shot and killed Andre Hill in Columbus, Ohio. In the ruling released on Monday, he stated that,

known facts do not establish that this use of deadly force was objectively reasonable.

Several actions were not taken by Coy that was expected. Coy did not try to deescalate the situation before shooting an unarmed Hill. He also did not render aid or make sure he received aid. Also, the body cam was not turned on while responding to the call.

Mayor Andrew Ginther said in a statement,

I applaud Safety Director Ned Pettus and Police Chief Tom Quinlan for their swift action in firing Mr. Coy for not using reasonable use of force consistent with Division policies, not activating his body-worn camera and not rendering aid to a dying Mr. Hill. This does not represent the values of the Columbus Division of Police. Now we wait on the investigation of BCI, a presentation of the evidence to a grand jury and potential federal charges from the U.S. Department of Justice.

Hill was shot on Dec. 22 after officers were dispatched to a “non-emergency” disturbance. The call was made by a neighbor who saw Hill in an SUV for a long period of time. After exiting the garage with a cell phone in his left hand. Coy opened fire on Hill. No weapon was found at the scene, and no aid was given.

Franklin County coroners ruled that the police killing of Andre Hill was a homicide and set the preliminary cause of death as gunshot wounds.

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