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Coweta County school board member Linda Menk posted on her public Facebook page that she attended the January 6th Pro-Trump Protest rally that ended with the Insurrection at the U.S. Capitol.

(Linda Meek’s Facebook Page.)
(Linda Meek’s Facebook Page.)

In her post above, Menk claimed she was in DC for the Trump march. Menk shared another post later on that day reminding her followers and friends she was in attendance and place blame on Antifa for the violence that was occurring at the Capitol.

Many parents expressed concern over the social media posts and aired out their grievances at the Coweta County School Board meeting held on Tuesday, Jan. 12th. Linda Menk was also in attendance, along with all with other board members, the superintendent, and assistant superintendents. All public comment speakers were given 5 minutes to speak at the board meeting. The majority of speakers expressed concern and anger over Menk’s attendance and participation. They either called for Linda Menk to resign or be censured.

Cynthia Finney, the head of the NAACP for Coweta County, stated at the board meeting,

We are deeply disturbed by the knowledge that a member of our school board, Ms. Linda Menk, neglected her duties to the students of Coweta County to be a part of a rally that lead to a violent and deadly insurrection at Capitol Hill.


There was also a social justice group, Enhancing Lives in Today’s Era Youth Organization/Citizens for Positive Reform Task Force, outside protesting for the resignation of Linda Menk and cheering on speakers who demanded her resignation or censure.  At times tensions ran high outside the board meeting when a supporter for Linda Menk became irate with the protestors.

Linda Menk had an opportunity to speak at the end of the public comments section, in which she stated,

I gave a lot of thought before I attended the rally in Washington. I did have discussion before I attended the rally, a peaceful rally, I might add, to determine if I’m doing anything that I shouldn’t be doing because I hold public office. It was not sedition. It was not insurrection. I attended a very peaceful rally.

A petition requesting her resignation has been started by a local social justice group Enhancing Lives in Today’s Era Youth Organization/Citizens for Positive Reform Task Force. Has generated over 1,000 signatures in the past 3 days. It can be found here. Part of the petition states,

On January 6, Ms. Linda Menk, a Member of the Coweta County Board of Education, was in attendance at the Pro-Trump rally in Washington DC, which ultimately turned into an insurrectionist mob storming the Capitol Building. In addition to attending the protest, which, although questionable given her place on the Board of Education is within her rights as a citizen, she was also amid the people that stormed Capitol Hill and stood on the steps as one of the most sacred buildings in our republic were desecrated. This is according to a post obtained from her personal Facebook page.

A spokesperson for the Enhancing Lives in Today’s Era Youth Organization/ Citizens for Positive Reform stated that,

We take up issue with Menk actively posting on social media with claims that the event was non-violent, being on the steps of the Capitol, and encouraging false narratives of Antifa involvement when those claims have been disputed by FBI and other investigating bodies. being an elected official comes with a higher level of accountability and responsibility that Linda menk is not willing to accept in her role AS an elected official

The Coweta County Superintendent, Dr. Evan Horton, is speaking with their legal counsel on the issue with Linda Menk and said they would have an update for the public at their Feb. 9th meeting.

This is not the first time Linda Menk had parents wanting her to resign or be censured. In July/2020, many expressed concern over her Facebook posts that supported unfactual information, anti-LGBTQ, anti-immigrant, and even posting information stating that public schools teach children to hate America. The board did not take action with many community members’ request to censure her.

Linda Menk told press outlets that she would release a statement in response to the accusations about her attendance at the Trump rally through her lawyer.



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