If your’e married to an immigrant you aren’t eligible for a stimulus check

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Like most Americans everyone has been patiently awaiting the arrival of their stimulus check. The check was meant to provide relief to millions of taxpayers during this pandemic. With the economy crashing the money was also intended to help put money back into the economy.

$1,200 was issued to qualifying Americans so that they can pay their bills during this hard time. While there were certain stipulations on a salary that prohibited some Americans from receiving the check, there was also another stipulation that no one saw coming. 

According to Los Angeles Times, If you are married to an immigrant and filed taxes jointly you aren’t eligible to receive the funds. The only exception is if one of the spouses served in the military. This just seems like another way for Trump’s administration to attack immigrants.

Immigrants who don’t pay taxes were excluded as well as immigrants who pay taxes. If an immigrant does not have a social security number that automatically excludes them despite paying taxes. LA Times tweeted about a nurse who is married to an immigrant from Honduras, that will not receive anything because of who she married. Hmmmm, didn’t the President marry an immigrant?



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