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First of all, as a sneakerhead, this makes me sick!! Nike’s vice president and general manager of North America, Ann Hebert, has resigned from her position following reports linking her to her son’s reseller business.

Have you ever tried to grab a shoe off of the Nike app and kept taking L after L? Well yea me too, I have tried to get some of the hottest drops off of the Nike app but seemingly everything is sold out as soon as the drop releases. It was revealed that Herbert’s son, Joe Herbert used a credit card that is issued in her name to purchase hundreds of sneakers for his resell company, West Coast Streetwear.

Joe reportedly made over $132,000 worth of purchases on the credit card to buy up as many sneakers as he could using bots. He would then resale them to the highest bidder via his Instagram page and other secondary markets. Despite all of this tying his mother back to him, Joe insists that he never got any information from his mother while she was working for Nike.

The company has announced that Hebert’s resignation is effective immediately, with plans to announce a new head for the region in the coming days. Herbert worked at Nike for 25 years. This news comes just days after a reselling controversy tarnished the release of the Trophy Room x Air Jordan 1.

Both Ann and Joe Hebert are yet to make a public comment on the controversy.

This story was first reported by Bloomberg Businessweek.

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