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Seahawks offensive lineman Chad Wheeler was recently arrested for strangling his girlfriend Friday. According to the police report, he dislocated her arm and smashed her face after she refused to bow to him.

On January 22 the Kent Police Dept in Washington was called by a friend of Wheeler’s girlfriend saying that she was locked in a bathroom and had been attacked by her boyfriend. Shortly after his girlfriend called 911 to say that she was being “killed”.

When the cops arrived on the scene the victim could be heard screaming from a locked bathroom with a bloody face. Chad was seen standing behind her and he began to yell “sorry, I don’t beat women”. He got into the bathroom by picking the lock.

The unidentified woman was taken to the hospital to be treated for her injuries. She told police that she had been dating Chad for about 6 months with no issues and that he was off of his bipolar medicine before snapping and attacking her.

“Chad suffers from bipolar disorder and is medicated but has not been taking his medication recently” she explained to the police.

According to the police report, she also explained that Chad was having a bad week prior to his episode and that it was not sparked by any argument.

“He snapped into a dark place”

After snapping into this dark place she says that he told her to bow to him–which she refused. After refusing he violently attacked her. He strangled her with both of his hands before she lost consciousness. She says when she regained consciousness, Chad said “Wow, you’re alive?”

Her injuries were noticeable to the police and were documented. She had fingerprints on both sides of her neck as well as capillaries that had burst at the back of her throat. In addition to that, her nose was busted and her elbow was swollen.

Chad was arrested and released Tuesday morning on bail. The Seahawks released an announcement that Chad is a free agent this offseason and will not be returning following the arrest. They continued in their statement that they are saddened by the details that emerged against Chad and strongly condemn his act of domestic violence.

They encouraged Chad to get the help he needs. This statement comes after many fans call on the NFL to act swiftly during this urgent matter.

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