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I’m ready for my close up Mr.  Devil! 

Hollywood premiered on Netflix and Baby it’s Hollywood swinging. 

Hollywood brings us into the seedy underworld of movie-making from those trying to make it big and those with the power to make or break them. 

Secrets, Sexual Orientation, Prostitution, Social Injustice, Love, and Stardom are “In the Can” on this Picture. 

Set in Hollywood circa 1940’s post WW2

It follows new hopeful Jack as he embarks on his dream of being a leading man on the Big Screen.  Archie, a black up and coming screenwriter with a different kind of script. Raymond, A director who wants to be proud of his heritage and make a great movie, and Camile,  A black woman with glamour and talent for days. 

As they navigate this crazy town;  Big Agents, Casting Directors,  Coaches and Production heads all vie for their attention, to take advantage and to help them make the best films of their lives.

These Dewey-eyed hopefuls have to decide what they are willing to do and not do to get “In The Room”

A star-studded cast which included Patti Lupone, Queen Latifah,  Jim Parsons,  Darren Criss,  and Dylan McDermott brings us great emotional depth to partner with the amazing period dialogue in this Netflix Original.

With the current issues surrounding Hollywood and those who take their power to far with women;  it was interesting to see the men shown victim to the sexual immorality issues of the industry.  Puts your mindset into perspective doesn’t it? 

Overall this show is raw and real.  It hits you right in the heart and anyone who loves movies and the industry of making them will relate completely, and did I mention the wardrobe?  It’s To Die for Darling!!!

Hollywood entire first season released May 1st and is streaming now on Netflix! 

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