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Love is blind, it will take over your mind !

What is it about?

This new series on Netflix has sucked the masses in with the age old question. Is Love Blind?  5 couples talked,  fell in love,  got engaged, and NEVER seen each other! The show is compared to Married at First Sight a lot because of the element of not seeing your partner before taking a step toward commitment. This is slightly different, you can decide at the wedding if you want to get married or not. As with all T. V. they are mindful not to cast anyone that would be unattractive, so no one was disappointed when they saw the person they were speaking with and ultimately engaged to.

How does it work?

These eager singles were all placed in individual pods, where they spoke with their possible love interest. The catch was all the communication was behind a wall. After getting to know someone briefly without seeing them physically, the couples would get engaged to a person of their choice. These couples went on a journey together to see if the emotional connection they made was enough to get them to married bliss. Once the couple accepted the engagement they were able to meet for the first time. The couples went through many phases that included moving in with each other as well as meeting family and friends. The finale was released on Thursday night and we finally see who is getting married and who unfortunately gets their heart broken.

Spoiler Alert

Love Is Blind or Is it? Here’s some spoilers and thoughts.  So if you haven’t seen it. DONT READ ON!!!!!! 

Don’t think you’ve got it figured out, these couples are surprising us all.

Kelly and Kenny-   We all thought they appeared the most Leave it to Beaver of them all and we were confident that they would make it to the very end. They never really had any issues. Kelly didn’t want to have sex at first,  giving reason that it has complicated things in the past.  And Kenny was the understanding man all women wish they had sometimes. Then she did a 180 on us.  She said I Do Not!  All because she was not infatuated with him as she had been with past boyfriends. Um M’am you also gave those men the “poom” “poom” (s.o to Lauren. Lol) easily and fell in lust and not love. Infatuation isn’t real, and Kenny was trying to show you more than that. I’m so sorry she didn’t see that because most of us believe that Kenny would have been great for her.

Amber and Barnett-   We were all surprised that Barnett actually went through with it.  Amber is definitely Sexy Cray!  None of us will be surprised that Barnett will have to watch his windows if he ever hurts her. Amber was intense to the nth degree,  and came with some immature baggage when it came to her debt and employment,  however Barnett chose to see beyond that and said I Do!

Mark and Jessica- Jessica has taken us on a whirlwind adventure into her heart and we love and hate her.  First it was the triangle of Mark and Barnett,  then the lingering feelings for Barnett.  Then Mark seems to have finally won her over and she seems happy with him.  We were low-key rooting for Mark to say I don’t.  But he still fought to the bitter end.  And surprisingly Jessica said I Do Not and confirmed for us that If someone shows you who they are believe them!

Gianana and Damian- This was definitely the toxic couple of the show and had the hardest time. G,  in her inexperience  didn’t understand how to communicate effectively without attacking the other person or being a hypocrite. Damian tried to fix a problem that he wasn’t even the cause of and did it with so much love. G wanted someone who could roll with her swings and as much as Damian tried,  he couldn’t keep up, he wanted security and she didn’t have it to give. He knew it was going to hurt her but he also knew for his own peace he couldn’t deal with the ever- changing waters, but goodness was he fine.

Lauren and Cameron-  They have been a fan favorite since the first time we saw them and the attraction was intense. Boy, We all wanted that Scientist/Fireman, Clark Kent/Superman, Nerd/Stud in our lives. They both were open to get over the hurdles that come with interracial couples or children of divorce. To see Cameron get emotional and Lauren to use her tissue to wipe his eye was so perfect, it showed how they really cared for each other. Lauren had us worried for a minute that she would say no and baby!!  She would have been a fool for that!!!. Luckily she saw what we did. That man loves YOU! Natural Hair,  Bonnett and All. Lol and she said I DO!!  Who’s ready for an After the Wedding Catch Up?? What if the couples got back together,  just not married hmm?  We wonder.

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