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Jennifer Freeman who is mostly known as ‘Claire’ from My Wife & Kids is originally from Long Beach, California but resides in LA. She sat down with Tea With Tia exclusively to talk about her career, personal life, and more.

Freeman is back on our television screens, and she is starring in not one, not two, but THREE Christmas movies this season. She secured the name ‘Queen of Christmas’ after she appears in two new BET+ movies, “The Business of Christmas” and “The Christmas Kiss”. Her third film “Beaus of Holly” premieres on ION Television.

“The Business of Christmas” is about a family that is losing their toy business and realize that the generational legacy they have built will be lost forever if they don’t figure out what to do. Jennifer plays Daphne Reid’s daughter. Premiered: Dec. 9th on BET+.
“The Christmas Kiss” Follows a quirky assistant who receives a makeover by her girlfriends and the same night she bumps into her bosses boyfriend in the elevator but neither of them know who each other are, but when he finally figures out who she is the unexpected happens in the lane of love. Co-stars include Golden Brooks, Taja V. Simpson, and Laila Odem. Premiered: Dec. 12th on BET+.
“Beaus of Holly” highlights a woman named Holly who is a Type A personality who ends up proposing to her boyfriend, who sadly decides to break up with her and go back to his ex. Holly still has to go on the engagement trip she originally planned for them but along the adventure, she finds true love. Starring, Johnny Pacar and Michael Copan. Premiered Dec. 12th on ION Television and will air again on Christmas Eve.
Jennifer mentioned that she filmed all 3 movies during the quarantine. “The holidays are supposed to be a happy time and unfortunately things are different for all of us this year, so I’m excited to bring a little holiday humor and love with a good ole fashion movie night that you can enjoy with your family or by yourself, with a glass of wine, some popcorn and you can escape with all 3 of my Christmas movies,” explains Jennifer.

Not only is Jennifer an actress, she is a fitness guru, podcast host, and author of 2 books, “Journey to Loving Yourself,” and “Hidden Butterfly.” However, she has made it clear that her most favorite role is being a mother. During quarantine, she has spent her time bonding with her 12-year-old daughter Isabella doing Tik Toks.


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During an exclusive interview on Tea With Tia, Jennifer opened up beyond her acting career. She revealed why she chose to be celibate, overcoming depression, her ideal man, and how she dealt with colorism backlash. Catch the full interview to find out if there is going to be a My Wife & Kids reboot, what Jennifer does to get into the Christmas spirit, and much more.

Watch the full interview below.

Be sure to check out all 3 movies on BET + and ION television.

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