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The company, founded by the former richest man in the world, Bill Gates, has been around since 1975 in the United States, not only known for its Windows operating system but also because it has several other popular products that are in great demand and are used by people of all ages. such as Microsoft Office, Skype to Xbox video games.

Bearing as one of the prestigious and elite technology companies is just one of the many other reasons why Microsoft is now a dream company for generation X, Y to the kids of today or Z. The following are other benefits provided by Microsoft for its employees:

The salary offered can reach up to IDR 817 million per month
Employees are allowed to work anywhere
Full coverage insurance for general health, teeth, and eyes
Providing/reimbursing the cost of a body health program to employee finances of up to $ 800 or Rp11.3 million per year such as Gym membership, Yoga, Pilates, Financial consulting to the cost of debt management training classes.
Provides payment for 15 days of vacation leave, 10 days of sick leave, 10 national holidays, plus two days of special/personal reasons leave each year.
Providing grants for employees who will continue their studies
Special employee discounts for each Microsoft product and its alliance


Who does not know this social media? Facebook is not the first social ever, but innovation and facilities, as well as the sophistication of Facebook, are the forerunners of other new types of social media such as Twitter and Instagram. Successfully popularizing social media trends, Facebook is still the most social media that has the most users in the world.

The company that was built in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg made many people make their figures as inspiration, role models, and icons of success. The popularity of Facebook as a dream company generation X, Y and Z is not only because of how famous the name Facebook is, but also because many people who want to feel directly working side by side with its founder Mark Zuckerberg himself.

But, is that the only benefit? Of course not, the following benefits can be felt by employees who work on Facebook:

Employees’ salaries start from Rp51 million to Rp266 million per month
Health insurance (full coverage including teeth and eyes)
Second (alternative) medical opinion services to ensure that employees get the best care
Reimbursement of health costs to support all healthy activities be it mental and body health consultation (physical exercise)
Free laundry service
The ration of annual leave/vacation for 30 days outside of sick leave or leave for special/personal reasons

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