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It is not new information that the public compares Beyonce and Kelly Rowland. The two are childhood friends and were members of the same girl group Destiny’s Child.

Mathew Knowles, American record executive, and manager of Destiny’s Child suggested that Rowland’s career suffered due to colorism. He explained that colorism is “alive and well,” especially in the music industry.

Beyonce is one of the most successful artists and Mathew Knowles says that her success benefited from colorism in the music industry. During an interview with SiriusXM’s Clay Cane, he spoke about the segregation in the industry and how artists like Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Alicia Keys, and Mariah Carey have benefitted from the colorism privilege.

During the interview, he traced back to his teaching that he did for a college class;

“If you look back even at Whitney Houston, if you look at those photos, how they lightened her to make her look lighter-complexioned….. Because there are perception and a colorism; the lighter that you are, the smarter and more economically (advantaged)….. There’s a perception all around the world about color… even with black folks, there’s a perception.”

He also used Rowland as an example to show how bias it is on fairer complexions;

“She’s a great example, But you know, the great thing is, Kelly did exceptional outside of America, especially in Australia. Kelly sold over 4 million records. She just got off-script.”

Kelly Rowland in her Fabletics Winter 2020 Campaign

Colorism is a huge problem around the world, not just in America. This is not the first time that public opinion has been made regarding the two singers (Beyonce and Kelly Rowland).

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