The Lawyers For The 3 Men Charged With Ahmaud Arbery’s Murder Wants Black DA Removed

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Chris Carr, Georgia’s Attorney General

Chris Carr, the Attorney General for Georgia appointed a new DA to handle the case of Ahmaud Arbery. The DA that he appointed is a black woman named Joyette Holmes.

Joyette Holmes

The hearing is set for Friday, July 17, and the lawyers of the 3 men charged with Murder filed a motion to strike the illegal appointment of the district attorney.

Joyette Holmes is a republican and the first black woman to serve as a Cobb County DA.

Joyette Holmes, being sworn in as the First Black DA in Cobb County

Holmes is the 4th prosecutor to be assigned to this case. I’m not sure how they will argue their reasoning for wanting Holmes to be removed.


The first 3 prosecutors on the case were Jackie Johnson from Glynn County she recused herself because of conflict of interest, George Barnhill from Ware county did the same, and lastly, Tom Durden from Liberty County turned the case over and recommended that it goes before a grand jury.

Ahmaud Arbery

Ahmaud Arbery was shot and killed on February 23 after he was followed by father/son duo Gregory and Travis McMichael while jogging (full story here). Let the record be known that this case went unnoticed. Thanks to social media the case was reconsidered and arrests were made.

Gregory (Left) and Travis (right) McMichael

The McMichael’s received murder charges in early May. A surveillance video released showing Ahmaud looking into homes under construction. This video seems to be what sparked the whole thing. 

 After the video was released the homeowner made a statement. Ahmaud’s mother also wants everyone involved to receive life in prison. 

Weeks after the McMichaels were arrested their friend William Bryan who filmed the whole thing was also charged with murder.

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