A woman in Kentucky was shot and killed by Police after they entered the wrong home

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A woman by the name of Breonna Taylor was shot and killed in her Louisville, Kentucky, home by police executing a search warrant. The officers forced their way in, surprising her and her boyfriend who thought the officers were burglars, her family says in a lawsuit.

The lawsuit that was filed by the family of Breonna Taylor, an EMT worker says that Breonna and her boyfriend thought they were being burglarized and he fired at the officers in self-defense. The lawsuit accuses the three officers of “blindly firing” more than 20 shots into the apartment.

After the March 13 incident, the Louisville Metro Police Department said the officers knocked on the door several times and “announced themselves as the police who were there with a search warrant.” Once they forced themselves in, they “were immediately met by gunfire,” Lt. Ted Eidem said at a news conference.

Taylor’s death gained national attention this week after the family hired attorney Ben Crump, who is also representing the family of Ahmaud Arbery, the black man in Georgia who was killed on Feb. 23 after being pursued and shot by two white men. The two men are charged with murder and aggravated assault.

Taylor, 26, was shot eight times by police. Kenneth Walker, 27, was arrested and charged with assault and attempted murder on a police officer. An attorney for Walker could not immediately be reached. This is INSANE!!! He is charged with assault and attempted murder but the officers aren’t being held accountable. 

Crump called Taylor’s death a “senseless killing.”

“We stand with the family of this young woman is demanding answers from the Louisville Police Department,” he said in a statement Monday on Twitter.

The attorney called out the police department for not providing “any answers regarding the facts and circumstances of how this tragedy occurred.”

“Breonna Taylor was sleeping while black in the sanctity of our own home,” Crump said at a Wednesday press conference, adding, “we cannot continue to allow them to unnecessarily and justifiably kill our black women and escape any accountability.”

What do you all think? Did the officers do everything they could in this situation? How did they have the wrong house? Tell me your thoughts in the comments. 

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