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Undrafted wide receiver and former Wake Forest QB Kendall Hinton comes out of the Broncos vs Saints game a BIG winner, despite losing the game. 


Kendall Hinton was thrown into the NFL limelight this weekend, and while it didn’t go the way he would have wanted he showed he was ready whenever he is needed. For the first time in NFL history, a team entered into a game with no active quarterback on their roster.

All four Broncos quarterbacks were ineligible to play — third-teamer Jeff Driskel tested positive for COVID-19 on Thursday and starter Drew Lock, backup Brett Rypien, and practice squad member Blake Bortles were benched Saturday after they were deemed to be high-risk close-contact cases.

In a statement on Twitter, Lock said:

“In a controlled and socially-distanced area, we let our masking slip for a limited amount of time. An honest mistake, but one I will own. … I sincerely apologize and I fully understand why these safety precautions are so important. Doing the right thing for a majority of the time is not good enough. … I pray for my teammates’ health, safety and success today. I look forward to getting back on the field next week. Go Broncos.”

As a result, the Denver Broncos were forced to make some adjustments at the position, as they refused to forfeit the game to the New Orleans Saints. After a plan to insert one of the offensive coaches who played QB in college was rejected by the NFL, entered Kendall Hinton an undrafted WR that played QB at Wake Forest but had his position changed upon entering the league.

The Broncos went on to lose the game 31-3, and while Hinton didn’t have the debut he would’ve hoped for, he showed give him a chance and he’ll be ready. Hinton who was “working a sales job” earlier in the week when he got the call about starting was given minimal time to learn the playbook, and due to covid was unable to take any snaps with the starting offense before warm-ups on Sunday.


The Broncos changed up the playbook and ran the ball most of the game in various forms and fashions, and while Hinton did throw 2 interceptions and at times looked flustered there were moments where he looked as if with the right amount of preparation and practice he could get the Broncos through this patch with satisfactory gameplay.


Despite the outcome, Hinton came out a winner as he grabbed the respect of other players, fans, and spectators. Many people still recognized the impressive character and will Hinton showed — including his opponents and a Pro Football Hall of Fame quarterback.

“I don’t care stats or score, this young man did nothing but battle with the crappy hand he was dealt!” Kurt Warner tweeted. “Have heart & courage like that – in the world of haters – he deserves more shots to get on the field doing what he does best! #TakeHimOnMyTeam”

Saints defensive end Cameron Jordan also gave credit to Hinton for persevering through the tough challenge.

“Helluva situation to be in…No shade at all…” Jordan tweeted. “RESPECT breh”

Hinton was signed to the Broncos’ practice squad on November 4 after competing with the team in training camp as a wide receiver. He finished his Wake Forest career as a receiver, though he was a State Champion quarterback in high school and that’s how he opened his collegiate career with the Demon Deacons.

Jacob Poston contributed to this article.

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