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Kanye West has accepted the fact that he will not be President this time around. He however is making plans for 2024. 

Kanye’s name was on the ballot in 12 different states but he failed to gain enough support to clutch a victory. Early Wednesday morning he tweeted a photo of himself standing in front of an election map with the caption “Kanye 2024”.

Kanye tweeted the words “welp” and then later deleting it. Many interpreted that this means he is accepting his defeat.

Kanye was only on the ballot in 12 states because he missed the summertime filing deadlines for the others. 

As of Wednesday morning, Kanye’s total amount of votes from those 12 states was 58,647, according to The Associated Press. The 43-year-old Grammy award winner received the most votes in Tennessee, with 10,216 votes or 0.3 percent of the vote share in that state.

Kanye ranked fourth in some states, however his percentage of the vote was never more than 0.4. Better luck next time Kanye.

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