July 7th is #BlackOutDay2020

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Today, July 7th is BlackOut Day 2020 hosted by The BlackOut Coalition. The movement started by Calvin Martyr, is a call for Black people and allies to not spend any money unless in support of Black Owned businesses on this day as a form of solidarity against systemic racism and the lives lost because of racism.

The BlackOut Coalition believes in addition to other forms of protests, one of the best ways we can fight back is through the economy and the Black dollar. This is scheduled to be the first day of many BlackOut days.

The mission is “to create an international community of economic solidarity and national consciousness unified around our common experience and ancestry as Emancipated Peoples of America.”

To participate and accept the challenge:

  1. Sign up at: https://www.blackoutday.org/take-action
  2. Post this on your social media platforms: “I accept the #BlackOutDay 2020 Challenge and promise not to spend a dime in a store or online on July 7th”
  3. Commit to not spending ANY money in person or only for 24 hours on July 7th unless it’s supporting a Black owned business.

Will you be participating in #BlackOutDay2020?! And if so, drop a Black Owned Business we should support in the comments!

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