NJ Federal Judge’s Son Shot And Killed, Husband Injured In Home Invasion — UPDATED

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** This story has been UPDATED **

The son of Federal Judge, Esther Salas in Newark, NJ was shot and killed. Her husband was also shot and his current condition is unknown. Judge Salas was not injured in the invasion.


According to ABC News, the judge’s son opened the door to their home around 5 pm and was immediately shot. Francis ‘Mac’ Womack, the mayor of North Brunswick says he was “shot through the heart”. 20-year-old Daniel Anderl was a freshman at Catholic University.

Judge Salas husband was then shot multiple times, according to sources. Investigators were given a tip that the shootings were done by someone dressed as a FedEx driver. The suspect believed to be the shooter was found with a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Mayor Womack mentioned that investigators are working hard to get the make and model of the vehicle the alleged shooter was driving. Womack says that Judge Salas has received threats before in the past.

As a judge, she had threats from time to time, but everyone is saying that recently there had not been any.

The FBI in Newark NJ released a statement:

The FBI is investigating a shooting that occured at the home of Judge Esther Salas in North Brunswick Township, New Jersey earlier this evening, July 19. We are looking for one subject and ask that anyone who thinkgs they may have relevant information please call FBI Newark at 973-792-3001. We are working closely with our state and local partners and will provide additional updates when available.

The New Jersey State Police, the Brunswick Police and the Middlesex County Prosecutors Office are all investigating this case.

The safety of the judge is in question so the U.S. Marshals have been called in to provide extra security for Judge Salas.

Investigators are currently investigating to see if they can find any connection between previous threats and the shooting that claimed the life of her young son and injured her husband.

While being a Federal Judge could make her and her family a huge target, her husband works as a criminal defense attorney and investigators are wondering if he was the initial target. According to her neighbor, Salas has expressed concern for her safety in the past due to her job.

She had some high-profile cases, and she was always a little concerned, Costanza said, adding of the family, There’s no one like them. They’re extremely good-natured. They would do anything for anyone.

Judge Salas was assigned to Jefferey Epstein’s case. She has worked on several high profile cases.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Judge Salas and her family. We pray that her husband has a speedy recovery and that she finds peace during this time. 

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