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Ok so here is the tea! Just last week 6ix9ine girlfriend Jade was called out on social media by her daughter’s father Charlie.

Charlie made claims on his Instagram story that Jade wasn’t allowing him to see his daughter simply because his mother allegedly turned down her $100,000 offer to set up an interview between 6ix9ine and his cousin Joe Budden on his podcast.


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Shortly after he made the post on Instagram he came back to report that he was able to get his daughter.


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Joe Budden spoke out to make it very clear that he has no interest whatsoever to interview 6ix9ine.

On a new episode of The Joe Budden PodcastJoe Budden said he was recently offered the chance to sit-down with 6ix9ine, but refused. He made it clear that he doesn’t care to speak with 6ix9ine even if its the “biggest interview of his career”.

6ix9ine says that he is being blackballed in the industry after becoming an informant, also known as a “Snitch”.

Budden mentions that he asked someone from Tekashi 6ix9ine’s team why doesn’t he sit down with his “best friend” DJ Akademiks. He was told, “that is not going to materialize the way that it would if he were with you”

Apparently 6ix9ine offered the same deal to Gillie Da Kid.

“Now, it becomes crystal clear, as it did for gillie. you’re not looking to expose something. you’re looking to expose something next to someone that’s official. you’re looking to expose something next to somebody that didn’t fuck with you. that’s called you’re looking for a co-sign. wow, this little manipulative fuck. back to manipulating”.

Joe Budden basically felt that 6ix9ine wants to “manipulate” the entire rap industry, while also avoiding that “nasty energy”.

and now here we are. the fucking billboard projections come out. durk ends up moving his album, didn’t want to be associated with that mess. the projections are lower than what it would take for an artist to travel with 9 and 10 security guards everywhere he goes. see, that’s the part the public dosen’t really decipher. it’s not who flopped and who didn’t. it’s what comes in versus what’s been spent.


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