President-elect Joe Biden goes on a bike ride at Cape Henlopen State Park in Lewes, Del., on Saturday Nov. 14, 2020. MUST CREDIT: Washington Post photo by Demetrius Freeman
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President-Elect Joe Biden is less than 24 hours away from being sworn in as the 46th President of the United States. Like most of us we all hate packing and moving, well I know I do. Joe Biden should be all packed and ready to move into his new home for the next 4 years, but there is one thing he may cant bring with him.

Joe Biden may be taking his last ride. Biden may be banned from bringing his very high tech Peloton bike with him to the White House. The bike poses a threat from hackers according to experts.

Joe Biden, 78, is known for his early morning workouts. His $1,895 peloton exercise bike links its riders up to intense workout classes and this could pose a serious threat. The bike also includes a microphone, camera, and has access to the internet. His security team fears hackers will easily gain access to the network.

If hackers were successful they could easily attack by installing malware on the bike and reach out to other places in the White House. The best thing to do if Biden wants to keep the bike he needs to ditch the camera, microphone and disconnect the network equipment. However secret service still has concerns.

I mean maybe Biden can just get another bike, a more boring one. Secret Service isn’t new to worrying about similar concerns. Former First Lady Michelle Obama had a modified  Peloton bike but without the camera and microphone, and President Donald Trump installed an internet-based golf simulator in the White House.

Should Joe Biden ditch the fancy bike, modify it, or just get a new boring one?

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