EXCLUSIVE: Jigga What? Jigga Who? Jay-Z alleged daughter has PROOF they are related!

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** UPDATE **

I will be interviewing La’Teasha Mason this Friday on FB Live. Follow me on FB

Ok so I know yall heard about La’Teasha Mason who made claims on the internet Saturday that she is Jay-Z’s first daughter. If you missed out on the intro take a look at it below.

So like many of us we are saying “now sis, where is your proof?” Well, La’Teasha stepped in my inbox with what appears to be proof. Ok so let’s break this down together.

Proof #1- Her relation to Arisa White

Arisa White is Jay-Z, cousin. La’Teasha did an ancestry.com match to find out who she is related to. The results show that she matched 80% to Arisa. On ancestry when 2 people have a DNA match this means they have inherited DNA from one or more ancestors.

The screenshot above shows that she matched with Arisa. After matching she did reach out to Arisa for help.

 Proof #2- Her relation to another cousin of Jay Z Belinda Parker

It’s very obvious that she has tried reaching out. So when I spoke to her I asked her did her mom know or have any relations with Eric. Eric is Jay Z brother and he very well looks like Jay -Z. The family genes are strong. Eric was in Cambridge, MD with Jay back in the day as well so I had questions. La’Teasha said her mother has never had relations with Eric.

I asked her what about Dehaven? We all know how messy he is and how bad he wanted to throw dirt on Jay name. I wanted to know how come DeHaven never mentioned this. It’s normal to wonder why now? Why are we just hearing this now? This is what she had to say:

So Did Jay Z just up and leave? What went wrong?

Ok well this is getting interesting. I’m going to have to schedule this interview around her work schedule because I’m sure we all want to know more.

She isn’t sure if he really just up and left her, but more so had to leave because the block was hot. Looks like Jay-Z had a few fall guys. If you don’t know what that is its basically someone who will take the heat for you.

There is no denying that she looks like Jay. The genes are extremely strong.  

Does she look like an older version of Blue Ivy to you?

I asked her why not just get a lawyer, she said no lawyer takes her seriously and just laughs at her. I mean where is Maury when you need him. We have the proof they are related, now the only thing left to do is get a paternity test. La’Teasha is trying to reach the masses with hopes that she can finally get a test done and prove that Jay Z is her father. 

I will update this story as I find out more. Interview coming soon. Let me know your thoughts in the comments. 

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