How to Succeed in Career Care in the style of B.J. Habibie. Young Man Must Imitate!

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How to Succeed in Career Care in the style of B.J. Habibie. Young Man Must Imitate!

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Deep sorrow felt by the people of Indonesia, even the world. Because the intelligent scholar of science and technology, Bachrudin Jusuf Habibie (B.J. Habibie), had passed away on September 11, 2019 at the age of 83 years.

The story of his life, starting from his work in the world of aerospace to the story of his love draw attention to the audience. No wonder that many people crave and idolize his figure.

Now, the figure of the 3rd President of RI can only be remembered. And of course what will never disappear is his passion in the world of technology to reach the peak of his career.

Well, anyone can imitate how to successfully pursue a career and live the life of the nation’s father who is also dubbed the Mr. This crack.

1. “Failure only occurs when we give up”

Yes, a motivational sentence from the late B.J. Habibie is indeed aware that when giving up, that is the true failure to be obtained. Therefore, when you want to achieve what you dream and aspire to, the key is never to give up.

Any difficulties and obstacles that are in front of our eyes must continue to be faced until success is achieved. The key, ignoring fatigue and boredom, even obstacles that make themselves bleed though, until success is in the grasp.

His name is also alive, not as smooth as what is imagined and desired. And humans are social creatures. Everyday they are forced to interact with one another to meet their daily needs.

But, whose names are humans, each has a different head and heart. Not always everyone has the same taste and thought.

That difference is what actually makes life colorful and dynamic. When someone is insulting, don’t waste time and energy in retaliation. That’s what B.J. taught Habibie.

Better, use your energy and time to do and think about positive things that will improve the quality of self. Remember, in fact 24 hours a day is very less for us to learn the existing knowledge.

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