How to Make a CV for You Who Are Challenged to Work Into Marketing

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How to Make a CV for You Who Are Challenged to Work Into Marketing

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Are you challenged to pursue a career in marketing? Or want to apply for a job in that field? Of course, the first thing to do is to make an attractive curriculum vitae (CV) to be accepted and join the marketing team.

In polishing a CV, you cannot be careless. There are things that you should pay attention to so that your CV is glimpsed by the company’s HR, then called to take a series of tests, such as psychological tests, interviews with HRD, or direct interviews with users.

Explain yourself

Describe yourself in the CV is very important. But just explain the important points, there is no need to confide. Also include things that are relevant to the job vacancy you are applying for, namely in the field of marketing.

The associate also with the achievements you have achieved. Tell me briefly, clearly, but can convince the HRD that you are experienced in their fields. Also, pay attention to language selection because it describes your personality.

For example, I am a Bachelor of Digital Marketing graduate at a University ……. I used to work in a marketing agency …, and currently, I am still working as a Senior Marketing Associate at a company …

In addition to experience in marketing, I have also been the best employee in the marketing division… With that experience, as well as these abilities and expertise

Describe the competencies or specifics of your work at each experience point

The experience written in the CV must explain competence. Combine a description of the work that you have lived with your duties and responsibilities in the previous company. It is also possible to enter the target that must be achieved by you.

With this explanation, HRD will see that you are a person who suits the needs of the company. Especially in the field of marketing, targets, and deadlines become daily food. Therefore, also enter your greatest achievements at work.

Oh yeah, don’t forget, mention your work experience anywhere, from when to when, the last position. For example: Working in a company …. (2000-2015) as ….. My current duties and responsibilities include:…

The target is given by the company … (for example, selling 10,000 pieces of product per day). I try with the abilities and expertise that I have so that I always meet these targets.

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