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#hothearsandheards Whether you’re hearing it for the first time, or you’ve already heard it, #teawithtiamusic is keeping you in the loop with exclusive listens and just plain ole’ good music. 🎶

Check out the musical picks of the week!

Around x SunQueen Kelcey

SunQueen Kelcey is the epitome of a grown woman. She is curvaceous, melanated, and just purely beautiful. Her light shines through her warm vocals, with her controlled vibrato and cocoa butter smooth tone. “Around” gives us sensual, sexy, mature R&B vibes. It’s the perfect song to turn off the lights and a light candle. Expand your horizons and add her to your playlist!

Reece Raps x The Diary of a Pothead

Reecee Raps is eccentric, fun, and completely one of a kind! Her creative cadence keeps the listener intrigued. There’s a certain sense of poetry in her lyrical stances. She takes us through her intoxicated mindstate in The Diary of a Pothead. “I probably had a billion million-dollar thoughts, by myself, in the dark; then consequently forgot because of the weed that I had sparked” she raps. This is a judgment-free song zone, so continue to give DOAP creative music like no one else.

Molly Brazy x Boss Up feat. Mozzy

Molly Brazy is bossing up on the rap scene and coming hard in her artistry. She holds nothing back in “Boss Up,” even while being laid back and fabulous. It’s evident that Molly Brazy has been working hard to get here, and she’s not letting anyone take her out of the game “I hear n**** saying I don’t write my own music, amusing, I get on these beats and abuse ’em.” With a co-sign from Mozzy, Molly Brazy is putting her stamp on the rap culture.

Icey Da Boss x Got Off

Icey Da Boss brings the energy and fun in “Got Off”! He spits with a fast flare and personalized intonation that makes him instantly recognizable. With a cameo appearance from Red Jones, they go from bored to bank heist, which results in Icey “getting off”… or was it Lil’ Durag, his fearless alter ego who wanted to do something crazy?! Either way, “Got Off” demands attention and dares you to hit replay.

KayyKilo x In My Bag 

KayyKilo is all the way in her bag! Just recently signed to DaBaby, she is looking right cute and comfortable in the spotlight. Her rhythmic flow almost reminds me a little of DaBaby, as she carries the upbeat tempos very well. She brings just enough ratchet and twerk to the party. See her rags to riches story here on Tea with Tia!

Exhale TAOP x Slide
From the We’ve Only Just Begun (The Romance Is Not Over) sample, to the roller skates, to the flirty lyrics…ISSA BOP! Exhale TAOP gives the ultimate summer bop and new cookout classic. “Slide” instantly transports you to spaces where you just feel good; there’s really no other way to explain it. Word on the street is, there’s already a #slidedancechallenge that you can bust out anytime you hear this song, but this track is so dope, you can just vibe along doing 2-step with a drink in your hand.

Trayvion x Feeling Good 

Trayvion is R&B personified. He has smooth moves and sweet vocals that captivate and command space. We get everything we need in this creation; artistry, visuals, color, confidence, choreography, and flawless singing! “Feeling Good” is for sure to leave you doing just that! On a completely different vibe, Trayvion creates a dope storyline that leads us up to this project. Around the 4:50 marker, he has a hectic flashback involving blood and infidelity. Put together the pieces by watching the videos together!

Renni Rucci x Can’t Be

I’m not even gonna hold you…Renni Rucci is up next! She is raw, rap, and real. She exudes “that bitch” vibes. Doing right by the sampling of “Girls Dem Sugar,” she makes it very clear that she’s just here for a good time, and she’s not up for the commitment! She holds her own weight in the rap game, proving that she’s way more than a beautiful body. She fits into the culture, yet stands out with her pretty girl swag. Renni Rucci is definitely here to stay!

BrassiousMonk x Idoleyez feat. 3amsound

Hot off the press! BrassiousMonk gives us a behind the scenes look into his creative process. We follow him through approving his outfit choices, confirming audio mixes, and okaying video footage, like a boss superstar would do. “Idoleyez” (idolize) warns against the illusion of happiness and encourages listeners to define their own measures of success. Featuring 3amsound, “Idoleyez” is deep, positive, and a much-needed message for the generation of social media.

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