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Imagine someone casually sending you a text that reads “Wanna be in the Super Bowl?”, what would be your first reaction? Those were the words that Bentley’s childhood friend Kahdre Walker texted him. I mean of course he does, who wouldn’t? Bentley took no time jumping right on the opportunity to dance back up for Grammy award-winning musician The Weeknd. Excited about the opportunity, Bentley tells us that he kept the news quiet and only mentioned having an “amazing opportunity”.


Dreams would soon be a reality for 22-year old NCAT junior Bentley Tanner, one week ago today.

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Half time is Game time! On Sunday, February 7, during Super Bowl LV hundreds of dancers dressed in red jackets, black pants, black gloves, and white bandages over their faces, joined The Weeknd on stage as he sang “Can’t Feel My Face”.

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“I was excited and in the moment”, says Bentley.

Bentley describes the moment he entered the field as exciting and just being in the moment. His friend Kahdre explained it as a “total bliss”. It was a lot to take in as they danced alongside the Weeknd as clones during his field show.

Bentley shared his exciting news with his Instagram followers following the performance.


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Bentley and Kahdre both grew up together in church where they both participated in the marching band. They both had dreams of being drum majors together, which became a reality. Bentley a junior at NCAT joined Smooth Ignition— the drum majors of the Blue and Gold Marching Machine, and Khadre joined the Marching Wildcats at Bethune-Cookman University. Kahdre was blessed with the opportunity to perform at the Super Bowl and decided to share with his childhood friend Bentley.


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“I would have felt weird if i didnt put on my brother.. whats the point if i cant share ithe experience with my day 1?”, says kahdre.


Bethune Cookman Marching Band

Kahdre Walker, 21, is a dancer, choreographer, and creative director that attends Bethune Cookman University. Kahdre exclusively tells Tea With Tia that he drove 2 hours in the middle of the night to Tampa FL to take a dance class. During this dance class, he connected with someone who ultimately gave him the opportunity to dance in the Super bowl.

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As Tampa and St Petersburg natives, they were both excited about experiencing this amazing opportunity right in their back yards. After 2 weeks of practice at the Yankee Stadium, these 2 friends were ready for the big stage. While Kahdre is a professional dancer, Bentley explains that being in the marching band has trained him as a performer. Bentley did not refer to himself as a dancer.

“I’m strictly performance, i’ve always done band so thats about the extent of my dance background”, says Bentley.

Although Bentley is used to performing in front of large crowds with the band, the Super Bowl was different. Bentley describes his experience as being nervous but was still able to feed off of the crowd’s energy.

Bentley has been into music since he was a child. “I love performing just as much as playing”, he said. While in his middle school marching band, Bentley knew he wanted to continue to play in college. Bentley tells us that he originally slept on A&T’s band ‘The Blue & Gold Marching Machine’ until he saw their 2017 Honda Battle of The Bands “The Bad Boy” show.


“I wanted to attend an hbcu to be around people like me, be around that vibe, that culture, and that experience”, he explained.

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Bentley knew that NCAT was the school for him. “They had the whole package, the band, out of state, STEM, and the education”, he continued. Being a part of the marching band at NCAT, has given Bentley the confidence and experience he needs to jump-start his career. He isn’t much of a dancer according to himself, however serving as drum major has certainly added dance to his resume. And now with this Super Bowl performance under his belt, he can add professional dancer/performer.

Photo Credit: BGMM Media

To see the full Super Bowl Performance, see the video below.

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