Hamilton on Disney Plus Dominates Independence Weekend

Must Read

For those of us who didn’t have the chance to travel to NYC to see it live. Hamilton on Disney Plus is amazingly shot and includes the original cast. 

It premiered on July 3rd and was the must-see over the Independence Weekend. 

It grips you from the beginning as it flawlessly flows into each song and scene.  Everything works together so well. 

The costumes,  lighting,  props, and choreography bring an atmosphere that is right out of an old portrait during the revolution era with a modern accent. 

The supporting characters make the story full and whole as we become involved in their own contributions to the war and the structure of America’s constitution and future. 

The acting is intense and heartfelt. You understand exactly what everyone felt every moment.  The singing/rapping seems so natural for all the characters.

And the Humor was right on point! 

Those of us who blasted the soundtrack in the car were so glad they could sing along to the scenes of their favorite songs. 

Hamilton on Disney plus was worth the wait.  We’re already looking forward to the next Lin Manuel Miranda project.  In the Heights; Where you at? 

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