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“I got love for the people, love for the ghetto” is the motto for Spring Lake, NC turned superstar @morrayda1. The Spring Lake native came home Friday (March 12) to shoot a community-involved video for his new single “Trenches”.

Morray created a day where he could “just make people smile.” With old-fashioned grilling and music, the 2-6 community responded with nothing but kudos for the young legend and his vision.

I’ve seen everybody smile, that was my goal


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Fans lined up at Westover Recreation Center as early as 8 a.m. to secure a spot for the shoot. Fans had to complete a registration form to be apart of the video. Parents brought their children out to be apart of this positive event. Not everything has to be about guns, drugs, and murder. Parents loved the message Morray sent to the city with this event.

It is very clear that Morray has great love for his community and giving back. This community event meant a lot to him.

“If you establish love in your community first, the hate will be less and far between,” said Morray. “If you show respect and you show love in the beginning it wouldn’t be any problems.”


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All about the event

Of course, everyone who registered to attend the community event wanted to be featured in the new video, but there was a 120 people limit for video participants to comply with a city permit.


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24-year-old Fayetteville native Chance Glover, who goes by “CeeGee” was the director of the shoot.

“I see the good in my city, and I just want to show that to the world, and Morray wants to do the same,” CeeGee said.

When asked about the location of the shoot taking place in Fayetteville, NC, Morray responded with “this is home, and [I] came back to show love to this sh*t”. Nonetheless, Morray showed his appreciation for “the trenches” and the community responded with excitement and full bellies.

Morray showed himself extremely friendly and had no issue showing love to all the fans, especially the kids. Taking often breaks in between shooting to take pictures, give hugs, high fives, and answered any questions they had. He also held a dance contest for the kids.

Genuine people are hard to come by, and fans could feel his genuine spirit. He showed support for the local artist, media, and fashion designers. He took off his clothes to support the fashion designers in attendance.


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Morray wore a shirt from Fayettenam clothing brand and Fayetteville resident Michael Collins,46, the owner of Shot Gun Barbeque provided the food.

You may remember the name, Michael Collins also known as “Shot Gun”, as he was featured on the Netflix show American Barbeque Showdown. Collins is originally from Florida but has lived in Fayetteville for 20 years.

People really don’t get opportunities like this so when you get a chance to get an opportunity like this, to do something for somebody that’s rising or a little more higher up on the totem pole than you, I don’t mind helping give you that extra boost to get you where you’re trying to go, said collins.

Not only did he show love to the community but the community showed big love for him as well. Shakira says she quit her job to attend the event. She showed up in a shirt that said “I quit my job for this”, wow well that’s love.

Morray has more upcoming community events in the works and, with the support of the community, his efforts will make a difference for those in the 2-6 and surrounding areas.

More from Morray

Morray made his quick rise to fame with his hit “Quicksand”. Quicksand has gained an impressive 37 million + views on YouTube and even made it to Jay-Z’s tidal playlist for top songs of 2020. Quicksand was directed by Archie Council, 24, who recently moved to the Fayetteville area.

Morray followed up with more hit songs like Kingdom, Big Decisions, Dreamland, and Low Key which all have gained millions of views.  Morray is known for his great storytelling skills and his ability to rap and sing. Keep an eye out for Morray he is definitely just beginning and I am here for it all.

Student intern DorMiya Vance contributed to this article.

For press please contact Tia at 919.885.4306 or email


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