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A 1-year-old girl in Las Vegas is dead after accidentally being locked in her dad’s hot car. Her dad refused to break the window to save his daughter. 

27-year-old Sidney Deal was arrested after refusing to let Police and his brother break his window to get his daughter Sayah to safety. Deal claimed he could not afford to get any damages fixed to his new car.

Officers were called to the scene at around 3:30 p.m. and offered to break the windows, call a tow truck or get a locksmith for Deal, who had left his keys inside the car.

According to an arrest report from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, authorities said Deal declined those options and told responding officers that the child would be fine because the air conditioner was running. Instead, Deal called his brother.

When the brother arrived and offered to punch out the window, Deal “stopped him and said he wanted to wait for a tow truck” and “insisted he not damage his new vehicle, stating he had just bought the car and did not have the money to repair a broken window.”

Deal’s girlfriend also allegedly told police that she had called a locksmith, but Deal didn’t like the price they quoted so he denied their services.

After about an hour, Police broke the car window but 1-yea-old Sayah was already dead. Police spokesman Larry Hadfield said Tuesday that the officers waited to break the window because Deal was adamant about protecting the car and they could see the child breathing.

The National Weather Service on Monday reported a high of 96 degrees. This would mean inside the car was likely 100 + degrees. Did the officers wait too late?

“The dad said that the A/C was on and the kid was playing, and when the officers arrived, they saw that she was breathing” Hadfield said.

“But when the officers got concerned for the child’s well-being, they broke the window.”

Deal was scheduled to appear in court on Tuesday, but did not attend the hearing due to medical reasons. He is currently being held at Clark County Detention Center on $20,000 bail. His next hearing is set for Thursday.

Mariah Coleman, 28, said she only found out what happened to 21-month-old Sayah Deal after a neighbor called to tell her. Coleman says she just wants her daughter’s father held responsible.

“Sister, your baby is dead in front of my front door,” Coleman recalled the neighbor telling her Monday.

Coleman spoke out Tuesday night during a vigil her family hosted in the spot where her daughter died.

“If you loved and provided for your daughter so much, why did you let her die,” Coleman asked.

Coleman said she and Deal had joint custody of the baby girl, but Coleman claims Deal took the infant last winter, never bringing her back to Coleman. She said she called the police several times but that Deal only allowed her occasional visits with the baby. She last saw Sayah about two hours before her death.

What we can’t seem to understand is, did the officers just stand around for an hour and watch the child die? Why not just break the window? Should the officers be charged with neglect? Let us know in the comments.


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