Family wants justice for 25 yr old killed in February. No chargers were filed

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2 men, 2 weapons, 1 victim, no charges

Back in February, 25-year-old Ahmaud Arbery took a run through a suburban neighborhood where he was killed in Brunswick, GA. Ahmaud enjoyed running, this is the way the former high school football player chose to stay fit.

That Sunday afternoon was supposed to be just another regular run. As Ahmaud took a run through the neighborhood, he passed by a house where a man was standing in his front yard. Apparently there have been many break-ins in their neighborhood.

The man who police identified as 64-year-old Gregory McMichael, called his son Travis McMichael,34, to grab their guns. The weapons included a .357 magnum revolver and a shotgun. Now you would think, that since Ahmaud was running the two men would not pursue him if they thought he was a threat.

After grabbing their weapons, the two men got in their truck and followed Ahmaud. “Stop, Stop” they yelled at Ahmaud, “we want to talk to you”. According to reports, there was a struggle over the shotgun. Ahmaud was shot twice and killed.

This senseless act of violence took place on February 23, just 3 days before the anniversary of Trayvon Martin’s death. These two cases are very similar because in both cases the shooter was the pursuer and the aggressor. 

No Charges have been filed

As of today, NO ONE has been charged or held accountable for the loss of Ahmaud Arbery’s life. This case received very little attention beyond Brunswick. Many in the community have raised concerns about racial profiling. Had Ahmaud been a white man taking a run through the neighborhood, no concerns of him being an intruder would have crossed anyone mind. Wait, who gets dressed for a jog just to rob houses?

If you’re still reading at this point then there is no question that you haven’t already figured out that Ahmaud was black and his killers were both white. The two shooters are protected by the state’s self-defense laws which mimic the stand your ground law. Reports claim that the 2 men were conducting a citizen’s arrest and acted within the law.

These laws in particular don’t seem to protect the black community, it in fact hurts us. We are in great danger because we can be perceived as a threat, pursued, killed and nothing happens. It’s easy to say you “feared” for your life, however it should not apply if you were the one who pursued. If I’m afraid, I’m going the other way.

Coronavirus in the way of protest

Wanda Cooper, Ahmaud’s mother stated that she wanted to march and protest where her son was killed, but they cant be outside right now. John Davis Perry II, the president of the Brunswick NAACP called the shooting “troubling”.

I couldn’t agree more! It is very troubling when someone can kill you without cause and get away with it. He also mentions that social distancing and stay at home orders have made it quite difficult for them to gather and protest.

We need better laws! Laws that are made to protect us

According to documents, a prosecutor did review the case and told the police that the pursuers acted in self-defense and that no charges would be filed. The police report did not say whether or not Ahmaud had a weapon on him. 

The family has challenged this and a prosecutor Tom Durden from another county is reviewing the circumstances and will decide whether the case should be presented in front of a grand jury.

Ahmaud Arbery who was wearing a white t-shirt, khakis, Nike sneakers and a bandana to cover his nose and mouth as he ran was racially profiled. One would argue that he had on a bandana that must mean he is up to no good. However if his skin color was not black, he wouldn’t have been perceived in that way.

Family and Friends of Ahmaud have come up with a way to approach Dudren at his office to ask why the two men haven’t been charged, all while social distancing. 


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