Customer finds shattered glass in her Chick-Fil-A sandwich, restaurant only offers a refund

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Belina Griffin, 31, from Wilmington, NC says she visited one of her favorite restaurants for dinner and got the shock of her life. On February 28, 2020, she visited the Chick-Fil-A (CFA) on 3389 Oleander Dr in Wilmington, NC owned by Michael Purdue for dinner where she allegedly found glass in her sandwich.

She states that she went at 9:20 pm which was close to closing time. She ordered soup, a sandwich, and a cookie. When she got home she began to enjoy her sandwich until she felt her tooth shatter.

She immediately spit the food into a napkin and could see that it had glass shards in the chicken. Her mouth was cut up and she was cutting her fingers as she attempted to remove the glass. The glass cut her cheek and her throat. See the images below.

Belina went to the ER to get the cuts in her mouth looked at. ER visits of course aren’t free. CFA asked Belina to bring in her sandwich for review. They submitted her case to their insurance, and they said they would reimburse any medical bills.

Please see her video explanation below:


Belina has been unable to get to her GI appointment due to COVID-19. She is a very high risk patient and could possibly get an infection due to being diagnosed with C.DIFF. After suffering injuries to her mouth, Belina also has been experiencing pain in her stomach, causing diarrhea.

“I was shocked, Chick- Fil-A is like the Holy Grail of restaurants” said Griffin in a statement. After 2 months of waiting she finally received a letter from the insurance company. The insurance company did not find CFA at fault. The letter states that they examined the product (which is a lie because Belina has the sandwich), and that they determined the glass did not come from them.

Belina is extremely frustrated that CFA refuses to take any responsibility for their negligence. “As a result, we are unable to assist you with any cost or expenses related to this incident. Operator Mike Perdue sincerely regrets this unfortunate incident occurred. As a valid customer, we hope you can understand our position” the letter states.

So if the glass didn’t come from them, where else did it come from? “They didn’t offer me anything, they offered me a REFUND and that’s it” she explained. Belina states that the manager agreed that she saw the glass and that it’s crazy that it happened.

Belina has contacted numerous of lawyers and it seems like no one has been able to help. Belina tells us, that she is suffering from PTSD after the incident. She is nervous to eat anything that she does not cook following the incident. With CFA being one of her favorites, she said she will never eat CFA again.

Belina took her frustrations to Facebook in hopes that everyone can help spread her story and help her get the justice she deserves. 

We reached out to owner Mike Perdue for a statement. We currently have been unsuccessful. 


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