Choosing the Right Time

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Choosing the Right Time

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The time of marriage is often chosen because it has a relationship with a special date between you and your partner. The date can be determined in advance, whether it’s a combination of your date of birth and your partner or other special dates.

But this time, you can choose the right time such as weekends or holidays, because it will make it easier for friends to attend your wedding. So that you and your partner can make unforgettable memories for life.

Ask for help to your CS

Much will be thought and done before the wedding. You can ask for help from the closest friend and you trust the most to help prepare your wedding. Take care of the print-checks, check the work of the WO if it’s what you and your partner want, and more. Because usually friends who are already close, will know your taste.

Sincere with simplicity

A cool wedding party is not measured by expensive or cheap costs, but the impression and atmosphere created from the event. If you know your wedding time is very short, be sincere with a simple wedding. That will not replace the true meaning of marriage.

Always Discuss with Your Partner and Get Rid of Selfishness
Managing a wedding can’t be alone. You and your partner must stay together, discuss anything for the smooth running of this important party. So there will be no miscommunication later.

Leave the selfish nature, big ambek, want to win alone, and other bad qualities. Be an adult couple who can discuss everything with a cool head and deliberation. Do not use ‘” veins, “especially when they are stiff. Support each other, respect and respect any opinions or differences.

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