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#AjCrimson, a beauty brand and celebrity makeup artist has passed away.

Crimson began his journey by doing #Eminem’s laundry on the set of 8 miles. Soon, he networked his way to becoming a celebrity makeup artist by costume designer #MarkBridges taking a chance on him.

From makeup gigs with #WilliAm, #Fergie, #ChristineMilian, #HillaryDuff, and #Estelle, #AjCrimsonBeauty became a reality. He created 18 creaming foundations, ranging from super to super dark, with true pigment that doesn’t turn your skin ashy or green.

Artists such as #MaryJBlige, #ViolaDavis, and #issaRae grace red carpets with his products.

Currently, there is no information on the cause of death.

Keep his family in your thoughts and prayers!

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