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Cardi B filed for divorce from her husband Offset. After the news broke it didn’t take the critics long to call it a “publicity stunt” or say that she is doing it for “clout”.

Cardi took to her only fans and Instagram to address the haters, and well to set the record straight. Cardi had to let it be known that she has the #1 song everywhere and she doesn’t need to do ANYTHING for clout.

“I don’t need stunts and I don’t need drama to sell music, right now my song WAP is #1 in the US and its #1 worldwide and I’m not trying to brag but don’t ever say that I’m doing anything for clout because I’m going to drop something,” she said in her Instagram live.

In her Instagram live she also mentions that she got tired of arguing and not seeing eye to eye. She goes into detail about her divorce. Press play to tune in.




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