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#TeaParty pour into this — Just a month after winning a $4 million defamation lawsuit against YouTuber #TashaK, #CardiB is now asking a federal judge to permanently ban her from posting “harmful and disgusting lies” about her on the internet.

In a new filing on Thursday evening, Cardi asked the judge for a permanent injunction; which is a court ruling that will force Tasha to pull the defamatory claims from the internet and ban her from reposting them.

“Plaintiff filed this action because defendants refused to stop targeting her with harmful and disgusting lies,” Cardi’s attorneys wrote. “Damages alone are inadequate to address the constant ongoing threat of defendants repeating the defamatory statements [and] defendants have explicitly said that they will continue publishing the defamatory statements unless an injunction is issued.”

The filing cited statements from Tasha, made both in videos and on the witness stand, in which she said she would not permanently remove the videos about Cardi unless she was forced to do so by a judge.

One video cited in the lawsuit includes a statement that Cardi had done sex acts “with beer bottles on f—ing stripper stages.” Others said she had contracted herpes; that she had been a prostitute; that she had cheated on her husband; and that she had done hard drugs.

Cardi B ain’t playing with Tasha K. You would think for someone who can’t afford to pay that 4 Millie would be quiet as kept 🤭


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