Caitlyn Jenner Wants To Be Kanye West Running Mate For The 2020 Election

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Kanye West has made it clear that he will be running for President 2020.  Not many people have taken Kanye serious about running for President, he has officially filed his statement of candidacy.

Kanye filed legal documents with the Federal Election Commission. The statement of candidacy shows that he spent or raised over 5,000 in campaign-related expenses. This amount of money automatically makes him a qualified candidate under federal campaign laws.

This document legally qualifies Kanye a spot on the Oklahoma ballot. He missed the deadline to be added to the Florida ballot.

Kanye originally asked Michelle Tidball to be his running mate, however, she has not formally accepted. 

While Kanye waits for an official response, Caitlyn Jenner is officially shooting her shot. While spotted out earlier today at Starbucks, she was asked if she would be voting for Kanye for President.

Caitlyn revealed jokingly that she actually already texted Kanye about becoming his running mate. I mean why not keep it in the family right?

Caitlyn said she would make an awesome last-minute running mate with Kanye West on the Birthday Party ticket.


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