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Burna Boy also is known as the “African Giant” has grown exponentially. The album African Giant showed the daily reality of a man from Nigeria, Africa through a factual eye. The album Twice as Tall is a gaze into the life of Burna Boy.

The album consists of 15 tracks with some features included. The song ‘No Fit Vex’ was a personal track. The track showed how he is no longer interested in his bad-tempered aspect. while the track ‘Bebo’ celebrated the bad-tempered side.

Burna Boy expressed his reluctance to change on his track ‘Naughty By Nature,’ which actually featured the group Naughty By Nature. This is a group that affected his earlier years as an artist.

The album was inspired by his culture. He returns to his roots in the ‘Comma’ and ‘Wettin Dey Sup’ track. Burna Boy is a Yoruba origin from the state of Port Harcourt. ‘Comma’ is a slang in the state. Just like other slangs, the meaning is determined by the context in which it is being used.

‘Wetin Dey Sup’ contains a lot of lines that could be misinterpreted and come off as homophobic.

I nor be one of those men who dey fear toto fuck nyash, check am na pa koropa.

which interprets to;

I’m not one of those men who fear the vagina and instead f**ks the anus….’

Nevertheless, the context is different, which is why this could be misinterpreted. The statement is a saying that comes from the streets of Port Harcourt. It Implies the lack of hypocrisy, but the issue is that the statement is profoundly deaf especially since he is a big representative of the LGBTQ+ community.

After losing the Grammy award, he expressed his emotions on Twitter and got humbled by life. He felt confident in his win. The expedition to the album at the 2020 Grammy Awards, where African Giant lost the Best World Music Award.

Even though he lost, Burna Boy is not giving up on his dream. It is not known if he will win the next Grammy Award with ‘Twice As Tall,’ but the album is wonderful and deserves a nomination.

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